To my fellow travellers, “we are all just walking each other Home”. When I first read this quotation by Ram Dass, it felt as if life finally made sense and my heart came alive in purpose. I offer myself as a fellow traveller, enchanted by your company and presence. I serve as a compassionate witness and companion on this Sacred Journey Home.

I am guided by Spirit and bring comfort to the body and mind through a direct, grounded experience of the felt sense of Being, the Divine Feminine, and the loving, spacious Awareness that beholds it all.

If your soul is calling you to embark on the sacred journey within, I would love to join you there. Let us be creative, spontaneous and free as we step into the beautiful Unknown together and discover what is truly here.


I offer 1-on-1 virtual sessions grounded in spaciousness, committed to Divine Joining in order to undo old belief patterns that block the awareness of Love’s presence -- a Love that we always and already are. 

Donation: $65-$85 CAD sliding scale per hourly session via Skype.