You Are Bigger Than The Universe

This is an invitation to go into deep intimacy with Self. It is an inward movement toward ever deepening space, the Mystery of your Being and that of your Source. The deeper you allow yourself to fall into this Mystery, the more intimate and quiet your experience of Self will be. From this present moment awareness, everything you think you know about yourself and the world will gently fall away. The depth of the mystery will unveil all the perceived “knowns” leaving you in the bounty of “not knowing”, and in this bounty, you will know yourself as raw, unborn, undying, unchanged and completely invulnerable. If fear arises as you deepen in spaciousness, let it be taken by the space you are falling into. In this conscious allowing and letting go, you become that Space, that which you have always been and that which you always are. As this space there is nothing for you to fear. All that is felt and all that is seen becomes witnessed as arising in You.

The fact is, You are bigger than the Universe. Imagine that, or even better, here is your invitation to Know it! For this we are here, for this we are born.

~Marcy Richardson

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