What Is Awakening?

Awakening is a process of coming home to the Self. The Self being our innate power to be a complete and unobstructed awareness of peace. It is a process of integration, where a new and fresh world comes into form through one’s awareness of Self as a whole and inseparable Being. As we awaken to our True Nature, a gentle path unfolds before us, and we become willing to step out of the past and into the present moment where all is well. Awakening asks that we wonder with Life, like little children, as opposed to living life based on presumptions that arise from our attachment to past experiences. As we awaken, we experience the fact that we are Life flowing as Life in every moment, infinite in potential and spontaneously free.

The path to Awakening invites us to allow Grace to take the lead, guiding us into the unknown future that is the safe and warm embrace of the Divine. It frees us up, in every moment to place our future into the hands of God. We begin to get in touch with the subtleness of our Divine Nature, which has no sharp corners or hard edges, but rather expands softly embracing the circumstances of our life, while holding us dear.

Awakening is always happening behind the scenes, or behind the veil of our forgetting, patiently awaiting for that moment of readiness to appear, confident and certain of a perfect time when we will open our eyes and behold the absolute beauty that has always been. As we walk our path Home, we learn to place each foot gently on the Earth with perfect trust in the rightness of where we stand in every given moment. We are committed to remembering that it doesn’t always have to feel good to be perfect. In this way, we learn to trust in a perfection that is always carrying us.

Awakening is a journey within, where the Heart clears a path for us to walk safely into the vastness of who we are. The pure heart of expansive allowing holds everything equally in the Infinite I AM. The I Am which is whole and joined as One with all of Creation. That which co-creates in peace, and abides within the One Law of the radically interdependent nature of Life. That which is always at Home in the Self, a complete and inseparable Being, and the Knowing of such.

~Marcy Richardson

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