This holy Instant

Take a moment and sense yourself without ascribing words or stories to sensations as they arise. Just be with them as they come. The presence of your allowing is like that of a nurturing mother, and the sensation her child. Be the soft space for sensation to be expressed without judgment, without reactivity, without needing to explain its happening. Be the soft space that is touched by the feeling. Notice it coming and going, being neither good nor bad. Allow this moment of intimacy to be here, savour this moment of being present without judgment; without being drawn in or pushed away. Sink deep into intimacy, with the gentleness of your willingness to be present to whatever arises. There is so much space in this contact with self. Notice the container that is holding you as you allow the sensations their moment to be. Feel how liberating it is to not need to change anything that is occurring right now. Everything that comes into awareness has already been accepted and allowed, otherwise it would not be appearing. Presence dances with sensation, exactly as it is. It fears nothing, and it is felt in everything. When judgment falls away, the mind can rest in Being.

This Holy instant is all there ever is, and in it is the freedom to be.

~Marcy Richardson

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