The Silence of Self

Allow me to introduce you to Yourself, to The Divine Being that you are. This Being that IS… That IS so pure that it cannot be tainted by a single thought or act of any kind. The Light of its purity burns away anything that is impure or untrue. Remain with me here, in this awareness of your Self. This is how you are Created, your innocence eternally complete and intact. Feel into that innocence, your incapability to harm or be harmed. It is prior to your psychological self. It transcends your psychological self. Can you allow your psychological self to taste this purity? Can it drink from this purity? Can it find its source here? What happens when it approaches and drinks from this Self?

It disappears, it dissolves into the Being of your soul.


What would it be like to live consciously from this place?

What would it be like to interact with one another from this place?

What would the Soul say?

Could it hold anything back?

What would it see?

What does it know?

Let us speak to that Self, let us allow It this time to inform us of what we really are and what we are here to do. And may we always know this Silence of Self.

~Marcy Richardson

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