The Inner Altar of Light

Within you is an Altar of Light. It is an ever burning, indistinguishable Light placed in you by God. Whenever you feel anxiety, you might consider, if even for a moment, that you are carrying a burden which can be lifted in an instant. If you feel a contraction in your system, know that you have the power to release it. What is required is a loving commitment to yourself. A commitment to no longer needlessly suffer from thoughts that do not originate from your True Self. Your right is to experience joy in every moment, regardless of what is happening. If you are not experiencing joy, it is because you are choosing to believe thoughts that are untrue.

Clear your mind, release your body and forgive yourself for having ever been confused about who you are. You are a Child of God, and the infinite Creator creates only goodness. Your psyche is a collection of beliefs developed from past experiences or interpretations of circumstances, but it cannot inform you of who you are right now. Turn your gaze inward, to that soft warm glow that is your Inner Altar. Kneel before your True Nature, and give an offering. Place all of your fear thoughts into the Light. Watch them dissolve. It is not God’s will that you suffer, nor is it your will to be bound by suffering of any kind. Allow yourself a moment to feel the weightlessness of having let go.

And in this weightlessness, will your True Identity be reflected back to you as that Inner Altar of Light.

~Marcy Richardson

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