The Infinite Power of Peace

Liberate your thoughts about what you are. Let them scatter gently on a windy day. Allow your holy Presence to be the peace that all settles into. Let the density of your experiences in this world, both painful and joyful, fall away and into the neutral presence of Peace. Peace absorbing all extremes, all desires, all fears, all beliefs, all judgments, all sensations, all thoughts, sights and sounds. None of them can withstand the power of peace, and yet peace does nothing but BE what it is. Do not waste your time being “the determiner” of good and bad, rather be the One that abolishes both, not with force but with the truth of your knowing and by being what you always are.

Your Being is that Eternal Presence, where Space and Light meet with the infinite patience of unobstructed Peace. You are the Soul of Grace, bigger than anything your mind can imagine, One and Whole with Source. This world is not your home, nor will it ever be, and yet…this world and the Universe that contains and sustains it will come home in you as you come to Know Yourself. Now, what power has doubt once you have seen this? Whenever you experience fear, it is because you have given power to your doubt; doubting your Reality as inseparable from Source. It is not doubt that holds this power, it is always you.

~Marcy Richardson

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