The Healing Alchemy of Willingness

Whenever you find yourself experiencing a grievance or an upset of any kind, allow your mind to be re-minded of its purpose. Its purpose is not to maintain discord through perpetuating a re-run story of loss, shame or guilt. Its purpose is to heal those old stories and re-member the Self into wholeness. The “upset” serves a purpose of bringing painful beliefs into awareness for healing. Your willingness to let go and heal is everything here. Aligning with this willingness requires both humility as well as the grandeur of Being. Yes, both can and do exist simultaneously. If only for a very short time, for once they are brought entirely together into one space, only the grandeur will remain, as we glimpse into the magnificence of the Self.

But first, we must be willing to look at the upset. What does it feel like in the body, where does it live, what memories surface, what do my reactions tell me about how invested I am in this upset? How tightly am I clinging to this upset?

Secondly, we must be willing to be shown what beliefs are operating behind the upset. What am I making this upset mean about me? What am I trying to prove about myself, the world or another? What fears arise amidst this grievance? Is there grief or longing behind perceptions of being unfairly treated, or perhaps of feeling misunderstood?

And thirdly, we must be willing to see the situation differently and furthermore take responsibility for how we experience ourselves in the world. This last step will bring us back to peace as long as we are willing to hand the situation over entirely from how we previously viewed it. We abandon the old thoughts and patterns without abandoning ourselves. We become willing to see that we are not our beliefs, so that we can be shown through the grace of Spirit who we really are. The key to this process of undoing, to all three steps explored above, is Willingness.

Willingness is the Inner Alchemist of True Healing.

~Marcy Richardson

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